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Тесты по английскому языку

Тесты 1-100.


1.  We … to the theatre tonight.

A.  went

B.  are going

C.  have gone

D.  is going

E.  will going

2.  Look! It’s Francis! I … him for ages.

A.  seen

B.  hasn’t seen

C.  haven’t saw

D.  haven’t seen

E.  saw

3.  I couldn’t see what everybody … at.

A.  will stare

B.  is staring

C.  were staring

D.  stared

E.  was staring

4.  As soon as my brother … school he is going to join the army.

A.  leaves

B.  leave

C.  leaved

D.  will leave

E.  will leaving

5.  Don’t let the children … too much ice cream.

A.  to eat

B.  eating

C.  eat

D.  have eaten

E.  ate

6.  I saw him last week, but I … since then.

A.  saw

B.  seen

C.  see

D.  didn’t see

E.  haven’t seen

7.  When the house … , it will look different.

A.  is painted

B.  will be painted

C.  was painted

D.  are painted

E.  painted

8.  If you … me about it earlier, I will help you straight away.

A.  told

B.  tell

C.  will tell

D.  have told

E.  had told

9.  Could you make him … singing?

A.  to stop

B.  stopping

C.  stop

D.  stopped

E.  being stopped

10.  At this time tomorrow I … in the lake.

A.  will swim

B.  will have been swimming

C.  will be swim

D.  will be swimming

E.  will being swim

11.  The printing press … in the fifteenth century.

A.  has invented

B.  was invented

C.  been invented

D.  is invented

E.  invented

12.  May I go out and play in the street? – You … . It’s dangerous to play in the street.

A.  mustn’t

B.  isn’t

C.  haven’t

D.  couldn’t

E.  needn’t

13.  This letter … immediately.

A.  are sent

B.  is sent

C.  must send

D.  must sent

E.  must be sent

14.  If you … to the station now, you would find him there.

A.  gone

B.  go

C.  went

D.  will go

E.  would go

15.  The boy … the letter, if you had given it to him yesterday.

A.  would send

B.  would sent

C.  will send

D.  will be sent

E.  would have sent

16.  They asked him how long it … him to do this work yesterday.

A.  had taken

B.  take

C.  took

D.  has taken

E.  have taken

17.  The longer I look at the picture the … I like it.

A.  most

B.  more

C.  much

D.  many

E.  little

18.  I spend … time on my work if I work hard in class.

A.  least

B.  lesser

C.  little

D.  less

E.  most

19.  He was asked if he … any foreign languages.

A.  knews

B.  have known

C.  know

D.  knows

E.  knew

20.  My husband works too hard. I wish he … his job.

A.  had loved

B.  loved

C.  loving

D.  is loved

E.  has loved

21.  At the hotel there were neither showers … bath tubs.

A.  nor

B.  or

C.  either

D.  no

E.  not

22.  He hardly … any work.

A.  doesn’t do

B.  don’t do

C.  does

D.  do

E.  had done

23.  If John weren’t rich, he … his last holiday in Vegas.

A.  won’t spend

B.  willn’t spend

C.  didn’t spend

D.  hasn’t spend

E.  wouldn’t have spent

24.  Young people talk very loudly, … makes their parents mad.

A.  these

B.  why

C.  what

D.  which

E.  it

25.  An average family has … children now than before the war.

A.  little

B.  fewer

C.  much

D.  far

E.  a bit

26.  World War II is known … the most cruel in history.

A.  is

B.  was

C.  being

D.  to was

E.  to be

27.  Let’s meet at 5:30. I … work by then.

A.  will finish

B.  will finished

C.  will have finished

D.  will be finished

E.  will finishing

28.  I’d rather … English.

A.  to speak

B.  spoke

C.  must speak

D.  speak

E.  will speak

29.  World War II is known … the most cruel in history.

A.  to be

B.  was

C.  were

D.  been

E.  is

30.  I’d rather … English.

A.  to speak

B.  spoke

C.  will speak

D.  speaking

E.  speak

31.  If he … us a lift, we wouldn’t have had to take a taxi.

A.  has given

B.  given

C.  gave

D.  had given

E.  will give

32.  Would you mind … the window? I can’t bear the cold.

A.  closed

B.  closing

C.  close

D.  will close

E.  be close

33.  Who is going … at the meeting?

A.  speaking

B.  to talk

C.  to speak

D.  to say

E.  to tell

34.  He … he liked the city.

A.  spoke

B.  speak

C.  talk

D.  tell

E.  said

35.  He … me the story of his life.

A.  told

B.  telling

C.  said

D.  speaks

E.  talks

36.  He doesn’t always … the truth.

A.  spoke

B.  speaks

C.  tell

D.  speak

E.  told

37.  Let them … the letter.

A.  answering

B.  answer

C.  to answer

D.  answered

E.  will answer

38.  Please, tell your son … .

A.  not to go out

B.  doesn’t go out

C.  didn’t go out

D.  not went out

E.  not will go out

39.  I asked him where he … .

A.  come from

B.  did come from

C.  came from

D.  does come from

E.  comes from

40.  She told me … tomorrow as she wouldn’t be there.

A.  not to came

B.  won’t come

C.  didn’t come

D.  not will come

E.  not to come

41.  My friend was so busy yesterday, that he … to the country with me.

A.  were not able to go

B.  will could go

C.  can’t go

D.  couldn’t go

E.  isn’t able to go

42.  Moscow is … city in Russia.

A.  the largest

B.  the large

C.  a largest

D.  the most large

E.  less large

43.  No news … good news.

A.  are

B.  were

C.  is

D.  am

E.  wasn’t

44.  Where did you buy this watch. The watch … very good.

A.  were

B.  are

C.  aren’t

D.  is

E.  am

45.  Here you are! We … about you for an hour.

A.  had talked

B.  have been talking

C.  will be talking

D.  are talking

E.  is talking

46.  I don’t allow … to take my calculator.

A.  nobody

B.  nothing

C.  not anybody

D.  anybody

E.  somebody

47.  This man is never afraid of … .

A.  nothing

B.  everything

C.  anything

D.  something

E.  nobody

48.  Can you hear … ?

A.  anything

B.  something

C.  nothing

D.  not anything

E.  not something

49.  … our success depend on all these changes?

A.  Do

B.  Does

C.  Is

D.  Are

E.  Have

50.  Why isn’t the new model … reliable as the old one?

A.  so

B.  that

C.  an

D.  is

E.  as

51.  He asked me … to make all the necessary calls.

A.  not to forget

B.  don’t forget

C.  to forget

D.  didn’t forget

E.  not forget

52.  The story … in several magazines lately.

A.  was published

B.  is published

C.  has been published

D.  were published

E.  have published

53.  I … for my telephone book for over an hour.

A.  am looking

B.  have looking

C.  have been looking

D.  are being looked

E.  are looking

54.  Why does he look so … ?

A.  worried

B.  worrying

C.  worry

D.  having worried

E.  is worried

55.  After Adam … to the adults, he turned to me and said: ………………………

A.  spoken

B.  had spoken

C.  spoke

D.  had been spoken

E.  was spoken

56.  I … you everything frankly, but you were away on business then.

A.  would tell

B.  told

C.  had told

D.  will tell

E.  would have told

57.  When I went into the cinema, a new film … .

A.  was shown

B.  is being shown

C.  was being shown

D.  were being shown

E.  shown

58.  This matter … at once.

A.  considered

B.  must consider

C.  must was considered

D.  must be considered

E.  is considered

59.  … and don’t go out in this raining weather when you have the flu.

A.  Not reasonable

B.  Is reasonable

C.  Don’t reasonable

D.  Reasonable

E.  Be reasonable

60.  “He … to make the journey!” “What’s a pity!”

A.  isn’t able

B.  doesn’t able

C.  doesn’t

D.  won’t able

E.  won’t be able

61.  Money … for buying and selling goods.

A.  is used

B.  are used

C.  were used

D.  will used

E.  am used

62.  Thus, we can only … about how money first came into use.

A.  speculated

B.  speculate

C.  speculating

D.  had speculated

E.  will speculate

63.  Throughout history several metals … as commodity money, including copper and iron.

A.  was used

B.  is used

C.  is been used

D.  are been used

E.  were used

64.  Our new TV-set came with a … on all electrical component

A.  ninety-days warranty

B.  ninetieth-day warranty

C.  ninety-day warranty

D.  ninety-dayed warranty

E.  ninety-daying warranty

65.  She used … very beautiful when she was young.

A.  was

B.  to be

C.  is

D.  be

E.  been

66.  Hundreds of house and … buildings have been destroyed by the tropical storm.

A.  other

B.  something

C.  others

D.  another

E.  anything

67.  Ask him what … films they saw at the festival.

A.  else

B.  another

C.  more

D.  most

E.  other

68.  We didn’t know his address. – …

A.  so did he

B.  so didn’t he

C.  neither didn’t he

D.  neither did he

E.  so does he

69.  I am right, …?

A.  wasn’t I

B.  aren’t I

C.  weren’t I

D.  am I

E.  amn’t I

70.  I’m sorry, I don’t know … about it.

A.  many

B.  nothing

C.  much

D.  something

E.  less

71.  I spend … time on my work if I work hard in class.

A.  least

B.  few

C.  more

D.  much

E.  less

72.  The sooner you come the … .

A.  best

B.  better

C.  most

D.  good

E.  gooder

73.  Neither Frank … Peter could answer my question.

A.  nor

B.  not

C.  or

D.  neither

E.  no

74.  Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith don’t speak to … . They had had an arrangement yesterday.

A.  the other

B.  another

C.  themselves

D.  the others

E.  each other

75.  They will bring books if they come, …?

A.  didn’t they

B.  aren’t they

C.  won’t they

D.  don’t they

E.  willn’t they

76.  Let’s go home. There’s … interesting here.

A.  anybody

B.  nothing

C.  any

D.  no

E.  some

77.  When we met on Friday, Peter told me that he … me up the day before.

A.  had rung

B.  has rung

C.  have rung

D.  having rung

E.  have been ringing

78.  Have you ever been … England?

A.  –

B.  in

C.  at

D.  to

E.  on

79.  It has stopped raining after people … without umbrellas.

A.  walk

B.  have walked

C.  have been walking

D.  are walking

E.  was walking

80.  The train will already have left … the time we come to the station.

A.  at

B.  by

C.  in

D.  on

E.  –

81.  He didn’t blame me … anything.

A.  at

B.  without

C.  or

D.  for

E.  in

82.  You should tell … me the truth.

A.  –

B.  to

C.  for

D.  at

E.  by

83.  Let’s go … home together.

A.  to

B.  at

C.  in

D.  –

E.  after

84.  I wonder what street … in?

A.  do he live

B.  he lives

C.  does he live

D.  he living

E.  is he living

85.  Shall I answer … the letters now?

A.  on

B.  at

C.  for

D.  about

E.  –

86.  Did you go … yesterday?

A.  anywhere

B.  nowhere

C.  somewhere

D.  anything

E.  no anywhere

87.  If you work at your English, you will be able to speak well … two years.

A.  –

B.  for

C.  in

D.  on

E.  by

88.  She sat … .

A.  smiled

B.  being smiled

C.  was smiling

D.  smiling

E.  is smiling

89.  … an answer he wrote a letter again.

A.  Not receiving

B.  Not having received

C.  Didn’t received

D.  Doesn’t receiving

E.  Not being received

90.  I think Peter is cross … me.

A.  at

B.  on

C.  –

D.  to

E.  with

91.  … the conductor nor the porter took any notice of Mark Twain.

A.  Nor

B.  Not

C.  Either

D.  Or

E.  Neither

92.  They walked on and on … of the rain.

A.  despite of

B.  because

C.  in spite of

D.  in front of

E.  behind

93.  … Mr. Winkle fell on the ice, he didn’t hurt himself.

A.  as

B.  though

C.  because

D.  in

E.  for

94.  The woman pointed … a large building at the corner.

A.  on

B.  at

C.  out of

D.  to

E.  down

95.  You can wait … there.

A.  over

B.  to

C.  at

D.  on

E.  behind

96.  Our party has been fixed … next Saturday.

A.  on

B.  for

C.  at

D.  to

E.  –

97.  Do fares increase … ?

A.  off

B.  in

C.  although

D.  on

E.  with

98.  Do you often travel … business?

A.  on

B.  in

C.  for

D.  at

E.  –

99.  When … the book?

A.  published

B.  will publish

C.  are published

D.  were publish

E.  was published

100.  The woman answered that she … two return tickets.

A.  wants

B.  will want

C.  wanted

D.  is wanting

E.  was wanting


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