Future Simple \ Present Continuous - 5 класс тесты с ответами

Тестовые задания по английскому языку для 5 класса по теме: «The Future Simple\ The Present Continuous»

Правильный вариант ответа отмечен знаком +

1. If Max gets this job, he __________ for London next month.

a) Will leave +

b) Leave

c) Leaves

2. If she comes in time, they _______ to the cinema in an hour.

a) Go

b) Are going

c) Will go +

3. If he finishes his work earlier, he ____________ to the gym next Monday.

a) Will go +

b) Goes

c) Is going

4. If the weather is warm, Ann ___________ trees tomorrow.

a) Plants

b) Will plant +

c) Is planting

5. My summer holidays will be very interesting. I ___________ next month in the summer camp.

a) Spend

b) Spends

c) Will spend +

6. If Mark doesn’t come home in time. I _________ his dog in half an hour.

a) Will feed +

b) Feeds

c) Feed

7. If Mike tries his best, he ___________ this вопрос теста Ремонт машины in two days.

a) Repair

b) Will repair +

c) Repairs

8. We are leaving for Moscow at 4 pm. Peter and Mark _________ us tomorrow.

a) Will meet +

b) Meet

c) Is meeting

9. If it is Saturday, it _________ Sunday tomorrow.

a) Is

b) Will be +

c) Is going to be

тест 10. Mary and John have enough money so they ____________ a new house.

a) Are going to buy +

b) Will buy

c) Buy

11. . She studies hard for her exams. I think she __________ university next year.

a) Is going to enter +

b) Will enter

c) Enters

12. What _______ tomorrow? Perhaps we will visit our grandparents.

a) Do you do

b) Will you do

c) Are you going to do +

13. Be attentive! You _________ your phone.

a) Will break

b) Are going to break +

c) Break

14. It is cold out of doors . _________________ the warm coat?

a) Are you going to put on +

b) Will you put on

c) Do you put on

15. She has entered the medical university. She ___________ a doctor.

a) Will become

b) Is going to become +

c) Becomes

16. They _______ dinner with the Smiths tomorrow evening. The restaurant has already been booked.

a) Will have

b) Have

c) Are having +

17. My friends have got the invitation. They ________ the party next weekend.

a) Are going to have +

b) Will have

c) Have

18. She is taking a camera. She ________ a picture.

a) Will take

b) Is going to take +

c) Takes

19. The sun is shining brightly. It __________ a nice day.

вопрос теста Солнечный день

a) Is going to be +

b) Will be

c) Is

тест-20. He _______ to Paris next month. Will you join him?

a) Is flying +

b) Will fly

c) Flies

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